High Frequency Digital X-Ray Radiography System

High Frequency Digital X-Ray Radiography System

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High frequency digital x-ray equipment can meet different parts radiography, such as head, chest, abdomen, waist, lumber, thoracic, pelvis, limbs etc. And meet different positions radiography, such as lay decubitus, normotopia, side position etc. it is fixed digital x-ray machine and we can use it at bus and truck

Touch screen operation and UPS for the workstation

Computer system:

B150 PLUS motherboard; processor: Intel Core I5 6400

Memory: 8 GB DDR3

Hard disk: 1T SATA (7200 rpm)

Optical drive: DVR-221CHV CD burner

NIC: Intel(R)gigabit CT

Graphics card: gtx1050

Display: Dell (DELL) U2412Mc display