Hospital Electric Adjustable Bed

Hospital Electric Adjustable Bed

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5 Functions

360° Full Smooth Welding

Environmental Plastic Can Be Sterilized in 100°C, tensile up to 30MPa

The height adjustment range from 500mm-1000mm, can fit the C-arm

Cardiac Chair position

Electric CPR—one key to release of back part

X-Ray Translucent Mattress Platform 

Tuck away side rail with buffer

Built-in controller and angle indicator

ABS bed ends One Step Removable, meet the first-aid requirements of high-end wards and ICU room

Bumper wheel ,φ74mm, max. protects the bed and patient during transportation

Battery - 18times movement with 100kg bearing, 130times movement without bearing

Full SS IV pole, bearing 15kg

The shelf at the bottom of the bed can hold patients' items, like shoes and something others

Lifting pole - Bearing 765N force!

External L*W*H 2290*1020*(500-1000) mm

Mattress Platform (1830-2030) *820mm

Safe Working Load 250kg

Back-rest Adjustment 0-75°(±10°)     

Knee-rest Adjustment 0-18°(±10°)

Reverse Trendelenburg 0-12°    

Trendelenburg 0-12°

Angle Indicator 0-90° 

Bed Extension 200mm