Hospital Manual Medical Treatment Bed

Hospital Manual Medical Treatment Bed

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Extra Long and height head foot board, with curve surrounded design, provide comforting feeling for patients

Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C, tensile up to 30MPa

Full SS IV pole, bearing 15kg

Shoes holder: 800*400mm, adjustable

External L*W*H 2170*960*(460-720) mm

Mattress Platform 1925*830mm

Safe Working Load 250kg

Back-rest Adjustment 0-75°(±10°)

Knee-rest Adjustment 0-35°(±10°)

Reverse Trendelenburg 0-12°

Trendelenburg 0-12°

Manual Cranks 4pcs

5" Double Side Castors 4pcs

ABS Side Rail Extra Height 1 Set

ABS Bed Ends with Safe Lock 1 Set

IV Pole 1 Set

IV Pole Prevision 4pcs

Drainage Hook 2pcs