Patient Monitor

Patient Monitor

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8-inch, two kinds of configuration for choice: 3 Para, or 6 Para 3 Para: NIBP, SPO2, PR 6 Para: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, 2_TEMP, PR/HR

13 Type Arrhythmic Analysis, Multi_Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase, Real time S_T segment analysis, pacemaker detection Drug calculation and titratiotable

Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and electrosurgical cautery

SPO2 can testing for 0.1% Weak;

Networking capacity and nurse calling system;

Built-in rechargeable battery 2200mAh;

8" high resolution color TFT LCD display;

Anti-ESU, anti- defibrillator;

Lead Mode: 5 Leads (R, L, F, N, C or RA, LA, LL, RL, V)

Lead mode: 3 Leads (R, L, F or RA, LA, LL)

Adult: 15 ~ 300 bpm

Neo/Ped: 15 ~ 350 bpm

Adult finger SpO2 sensor  

AC power adaptor