Ultrasound Scanner Dual-screen Trolley Type 4D/5D Color Doppler

Ultrasound Scanner Dual-screen Trolley Type 4D/5D Color Doppler

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Ultrasonic host operating system: Windows 8

2B/4B Imaging

Spatial Composite Imaging3.6 Tissue Harmonic Imaging

Standard monitor size: 21.5 inch, high-definition medical grade LCD display, and 13.3-inch touch screen.

Support real-time 3D imaging function (3D/4D/5D)

 Probe ports: 4 actives

With on-site upgradable functions

One-key auto optimization

Trapezoidal Imaging

Convex probe 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H4.0MHz/H5.0MHz, (depth 30-255mm)

Linear probe Linear probe: 6.0MHz/7.5MHz/8.5MHz/10.0MHz/H10.0MHz, (depth 20-128mm)

Trans vaginal probe 4.5MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/9.0MHz/H8.0MHz, (depth 30-156mm)

Phased array probe 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H3.0MHz/H4.0MHz, (depth 100-244mm)

4D Volume probe 2.0MHz/3.0MHz/4.5MHz/6.0MHz/H5.0MHz, (depth 30-237mm)

Micro convex probe(R15) 4.0MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz/H8.0Mhz, (depth 30-111mm)

Grey scale 0-7, visible and adjustable

Color deflection equipped with Color frame correlation 12 levels, visible and adjustable

Color baseline 11 level, visible and adjustable

Sample volume angle correction -80°to 80° adjustable

Sample volume 0.5mm-20mm visible and adjustable

Baseline 11 levels adjustable

Display layout 4 kinds, visible and adjustable

Speed scale 3-2288cm/s

Dynamic range 10-95 dB, single step 5

Spectrum envelope function real-time automatic spectrum envelope, manual spectrum envelope and other modes are available, the system automatically analyzes and displays PSV, EDV, RI, PI, S/D, ACC, HR and other data

Image magnification support 5 levels

Frequency 2.5MHz and 3.0MHz visible and adjustable

Built-in 128GB solid-state hard drive in the main unit to start fast and stable

USB Port USB ports: 4, Video: 1, S-Video: 1, DVI: 1, HDMI: 1, RJ-45:1

Portable Color Ultrasonic Diagnostic Apparatus 1 Set, Probe Convex Probe,

Optional Configuration 

Probes: Linear Probe, Micro-convex Probe (R20), Phased array Probe, Trans-vaginal Probe, 4D Volume Probe. Video Printer, Trolley.